Saving a sketch with version 1.0.5

Hi Guys

I just d/l'ed ver 1.0.5 and installed it on my system. Everything works OK with my old and new sketches EXCEPT when I try to save the sketch to the same file. If I make a few changes to the sketch and save it under the same file name, a message box pops up saying Some files are marked as "read-only", so you'll need to re-save this sketch to another location.

Is this a safety feature or a bug? I don't get this error on ver 1.0.1



Are you making changes to your own sketch or to an Example sketch?

Hello John

It doesn't matter whether it is a new sketch or one of the examples. I have the program folder on my F: drive under F:\arduino\arduino-1.0.5 and if I try to save into the examples folder it gives me the error message. If it is a NEW sketch it will let me save there one time under the new sketch name. If I make corrections or updates to the new sketch and try and save the updates to the same file, it says the file is locked and I have to rename the file or save it some where else. If I go back and do the same thing using ver 1.0.1 I have no problems. If I look at the attributes for the files in the Examples directory they are all locked. I have tried to unlock even the new file I created and it still shows locked. Now if I create a new Folder called F:\arduino\arduino-1.0.5\My Sketches under the main folder and save my new sketches there, I can save files to that all day long with no problems. So it looks like the program is locking the example and library folders/files from being over written.

Thank you

John Frankforther

I have exactly the same problem. I had the IDE installed from two weeks ago and had no problem saving files in any subfolder as long as I renamed them. Yesterday, I had to remove and reinstall the IDE and Arduino folders to get SPI.h to work properly with the Sparkfun WiFly. So, new IDE downloaded Friday, Feb 8th

Now, in spite of renaming files I cannot save (changes) in any folder in the Libraries directory. I've used Get Info to make Libraries and all it contains Read and Write, but the message appears to be coming from the Arduino IDE. I've checked the IDE preferences.txt file and cannot find an entry that appears to hold the magic to unlock this issue.

I moved the folder containing my examples into the Arduino folder, the one directly above Libraries, and can now save changes to my programs. Everything else appear to be OK.

So, has some coder at Arduino decided we'd all be better off if we were unable to save changes to any file located below the Libraries folder? Was this change made in just the last day or two? Why was I able to save changes before? Is this a setting that I can gain control of?