Saving Data to mySQL

I am so very lost and hoping someone can give a high level outline how I go about storing data from an Arduino to a mySQL database.

I have an Arduino Uno and an Adafruit Fona 3G module. I was able to connect online and store data to sending the data over the http address. So next step...

I bought a database package off Network Solutions and was able to create a database and table (I think). Its a shared server and the only data I see is this:


I tried pinging the server directly (using the IP address in the top right corner) but get no response. At a very high level so I can know what to search, what do I need to do to connect to this database?

You have to use php to INSERT data in the DB. You can't do it directly because of security. That IP is internal & local to the server.

Make sure the have the correct user/pass in your php to connect to the DB. Something like this

Thanks for the reply


I create a php file on the same server and that php file addresses the local IP of the database? Not sure where to place the php file but I'm guessing that's specific to Network Solutions (the company I bought the package from)

Yes, place the php file on the web folder on your server. It’ll connect to the DB by name.

Have your arduino call the php, and you can pass parameters via get or post form http header. You can google it and there are examples out there.