⛔ saving data to spiffs or eeprom better in my case?

Hey all, in my esp8266 project I'm scanning for wifi mac addresses and need to save those to memory to later send to myself.
I was wondering what would be a better way of storing about 500 mac address on a esp8266, do I use spiffs or eeprom? Whats easier and whats better for memory longevity?

This bring us a interesting question about SPIFFS... Lets say that I am storing text file that differs in size anywhere from 10kb-100kb to SPIFFS and I locate 1000kb to SPRIFFs.

Every once in a while I sent that file to myself I want the esp8266 to delete the file and start storing new MAC addresses to SPIFFs again to a new file. Would SPIFFS keep using ONLY the first 100kb of 1000kb available or would it know to use other sectors of the 1000kb to make the memory last longer?

ESP8266 does not HAVE EEPROM. It emulates EEPROM using FLASH. And that emulated EEPROM can be no more than 4096 bytes. So, forget about using "EEPROM". You'd have to look at the SPIFFS documentation to be certain, but I'm 99.9% certain SPIFFS will NOT repeatedly use the same addresses. It will do wear levelling to keep from killing the FLASH.

Deprecate SPIFFS, move examples to LittleFS

Use LittleFS instead of SPIFF's.

Thanks for your answers guys, will look into LittleFS

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