Saving ECG data in array

I am using the following code to get ECG data from my AD8232 sensor:

void setup()
pinMode(40, INPUT);
pinMode(41, INPUT);
void loop()

I want to know if it is possible to save these values of the sensor into an array.

Yes it’s possible

Please use code tags when posting code (didn’t you get a warning?)

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The code runs fine and is giving me ECG values but I wanted these values to be saved in an array.

@J-M-L gave you the answer "Yes it’s possible". So study a little bit on arrays, give it a try and when you get stuck you can let us know.

don't Serial.print but store the value of the analogRead.

The code runs fine and needs code tags here in the forum. Please take action.

Depending on board type the max array size is pretty limited. So depending on the number of samples per second, the recording time will be limited. You might consider a SD card if you want to monitor longer periods.

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