Saving file on SD card error

I'm using Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout Board. I want to save file on SD card and I run a simple ReadWrite example on Arduino IDE. Everything wroks perfectly, I got an output:

Initializing SD card...initialization done. Writing to test.txt...done. test.txt: testing 1, 2, 3.

But then I plug SD card into PC and this file does not exist or is empty.

Secret code, is it?

This is the example code: /*
SD card read/write

This example shows how to read and write data to and from an SD card file
The circuit:

  • SD card attached to SPI bus as follows:
    ** MOSI - pin 11
    ** MISO - pin 12
    ** CLK - pin 13
    ** CS - pin 4

created Nov 2010
by David A. Mellis
modified 9 Apr 2012
by Tom Igoe

This example code is in the public domain.


#include <SPI.h>
#include <SD.h>

File myFile;

void setup()
// Open serial communications and wait for port to open:
while (!Serial) {
; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for Leonardo only

Serial.print(“Initializing SD card…”);
// On the Ethernet Shield, CS is pin 4. It’s set as an output by default.
// Note that even if it’s not used as the CS pin, the hardware SS pin
// (10 on most Arduino boards, 53 on the Mega) must be left as an output
// or the SD library functions will not work.
pinMode(10, OUTPUT);

if (!SD.begin(4)) {
Serial.println(“initialization failed!”);
Serial.println(“initialization done.”);

// open the file. note that only one file can be open at a time,
// so you have to close this one before opening another.
myFile =“test.txt”, FILE_WRITE);

// if the file opened okay, write to it:
if (myFile) {
Serial.print(“Writing to test.txt…”);
myFile.println(“testing 1, 2, 3.”);
// close the file:
} else {
// if the file didn’t open, print an error:
Serial.println(“error opening test.txt”);

// re-open the file for reading:
myFile =“test.txt”);
if (myFile) {

// read from the file until there’s nothing else in it:
while (myFile.available()) {
// close the file:
} else {
// if the file didn’t open, print an error:
Serial.println(“error opening test.txt”);

void loop()
// nothing happens after setup

Possibly improperly formatted card. See sticky at top of this forum. I believe the test for card's presence does only that, and does not check that the formatting is kosher.

I have formatted the card using SD Formatter but it did not help

I have noticed something strange. I connect to the Edison FTP server using WinSCP and I go to the /media/sdcard destination. I save there a text file and reboot Intel Edison, then go to this destination again and the file is not here. Also, when there is no SD card plugged to Intel Edison I still can go to this destination and save there files and when I reboot Intel Edison some files are still there, some not. But then when I plug an SD card and go to /media/sdcard destination it sometimes show an actual SD card content but sometimes it shows files I saved when there was no SD card plugged in.

I'm afraid I missed the fact that you are using an Intel Edison, and I have no idea what you are doing. The Arduino code looks kosher.