Saving images from a camera to a SD card

I am a new Arduino programmer. I looked but could not see any public domain sample code on how a Adruino based camera can save an image to a SD card (I am not sure if it is even directly possible). If anyone has a same code for this please let me know. Thank you!

Most Arduinos have extremely limited memory and cannot accommodate images.

While it may be possible to read an image out of a camera serially, and store in on an SD card, it would be very slow.

Of course, any code would be specific to the camera and the particular Arduino.

Thank you... I will assume it is a dead end then... thanks for saving me the time and frustration! :slight_smile:

I wonder then if there is a way to have a non-Ardurino camera set up.. a digital thing and just have the Arduino "press the trigger" rather than process the image internally?

Sure, arduino is great at pressing buttons. Normally a button connects something to ground, and you can replicate that by simply grounding one side of the switch to press it. Other switches are more complex but you can always put a transistor or a relay in place of the switch and replicate it that way.

Depending on the camera, you can also use the Arduino as an IR wireless trigger.

KeithRB: Yep... thats where I am trying to go. I am new to Arduino so any hints on code snippets / what hardware to use would be welcome!