Saving Images to SD Card

Hi all. After reviewing the MKRVIDOR forum, I believe I've seen this question asked multiple times, but I've also seen that there has been some discovery in the past 2 years. I've been working with Arduino for a while, but recently began working with the Vidor to use the FPGA for some special tasks. I'm totally new to FPGAs and am currently studying up on digital logic design and Verilog. I can successfully upload and modify bit files to the board, but have only progressed to some basic LED logic gates.
Right now, I'm primarily interested in capturing an image (a single frame from OV5647 camera module), storing it in SDRAM, and then sending it from SDRAM to the SAMD21 to save to an SD card breakout.
Any recommendations would be appreciated. If there are previous posts I should review, resources related to FPGA SDRAM communication, MIPI configuration, or FPGA-SAMD21 communication, or any IP blocks / relevant example projects that I should take a look at, please recommend them! Thanks!

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