Saving memory by using bigger variables

Hi! I don't know how arduino's memory system operates, so I thought I'd ask here:

would this

uint64_t data=/*blah blah blah*/;

be smaller than this

uint8_t data[8]={/*blah blah blah*/};

for storing large binary data structures? At the moment, I'm using an array of 8 bytes to store a 8x8 bitmap (This would be stored in PROGMEM, if that makes any difference) Thanks!

How can uint64_t data=/blah blah blah/;

save an 8x8 array?

No. Both occupy exactly 8 bytes. You could've verified that yourself by simply printing the result of sizeof() on both.

Regards, Ray L.

No. Both occupy exactly 8 bytes.

Correct. But note that this might not be true for C++ data structures that are more complex than arrays of simple types. [color=brown]String foo = "abcdefg";[/color] and [color=brown]char * bar = "abcdefg";[/color] are NOT the same size...