Saving python script to sd or making installing new opkg?


I'm very new to the Yun and I want to loop a python script in my arduino sketch. From my research it seems like people are simply saving the .py file on an sd and invoking it via the I/O library. I've also seen something about creating packages and installing them via the opkg system.

Are there pros and cons to each? The python script I want to run is pretty small, is it really bad to save the script to the onboard memory of the linino, rather than an sd?

Hi don't konw the second way, I suppose that the second one can be faster because the memory that the controller wants to read is already "on board", but i'm not sure. I'm sure about this, if you install the python script on board you are using space for other packages, instead the sd memory is practically limitless. Maybe using the python scripts from the sd can be slower, but if you don't need real time processes it is a good solution. Using the sd allows you to organize and manage all the scripts as you prefer, using directories folders ecc.