Saving to the cloud

Just loaded up the new IDE and have no problems loading example code. However when I go to create new sketch and I verify/save it I get a yellow box appear on the right hand side to say 'Error when saving sketch "

If I take one of the examples and duplicate it and then cut my code into it the sketch_copy it will save. I suspect it has little to do with the IDE but more about my permission rights as I have tried it on Windows and OSX platform.

I am also unable to rename the example copy file which again suggests permission rights issues

I can upload custom libraries and that appears to work fine

Windows 7 using Chrome
OSX ElCapitan using Chrome

It looks like it is problem related to your name having a ‘-’ in it. We are working on a solution, thanks for your report!

Have you had much luck in resolving this issue?

Gosh @robot-chicken, @matteosuppo fixed it when you reported it but we haven't release it on create-staging yet. Hopefully we will do it tomorrow morning, I will write here when we do. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

@robot-chicken the issue with your username should now be solved, let us know if everything works fine now and thanks again for your feedback!

Well done guys working as expected will start to use the new IDE in anger