Saving user-made actions and saving to an sd card.


I'm starting a project where i am really into lights and i need to use something to control it and DMX was the choise but when i want to save things wich i've just made(no programming). I will just press record and do something press another button and take one scene for the recording few more and then press record again and stop but how do i read that info and save it as a chase or show?

Hopefully some help for me, everything else is fine. Thanks! :)

I think the initial decision is whether the main control logic is going to be on an Arduino, or on a PC. This will dictate where the recording/replaying is done and hence how it is done.

It will be done on an Arduino Mega with touchscreens motorized pots and buttons pretty basic but the saving thnig is pretty important, just need some advice on what to use.

So you need to design a scheme for savng your recorded sequences in a file.

I'd suggest doing it using a textual format (it makes it massively easier to test and debug) and that you should design the encoding scheme to be similar to the structure of events that you're trying to represent. For example you might want to know that a specific button was pressed at a specific time and released at some other time in which case you could record button up and down events - or you might only care when it was pressed in which case it would make more sense to just store the button trigger event with a time. You need to decide whether you are going to deal with the pots as a sequence of position changes or by recording the speed. If you're using position changes you need to decide what granularity you need on the position. This will determine how difficult it will be to capture and replay that sequence of positions in real time.

The basic version will just save the current setup on the lights on an button no movement just record how they looked. How about kinda database thing on the SD card(i think EEPROM won't work) so went i press the record button and then the button i want write to a file called mabye button_1.txt or something and that includes what channels are on and what value.

That sounds feasible. Go for it.

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