Saving variables and data permanently?


Just a short question: Is there a way to save data on the Arduino board that it is being remembered even after switching off?

I just want to storage data, like GPS-information, until I next time switch on the board.
How could I do that? Which alternatives are there?

EEPROM - but it is quite limited in size

Ah, that´s the eeprom write...
Ok, but is there also a way to store more data?
E.g., if I want to build a GPS tracker?

I would like to store the GPS-signal every 1 second, and this for a while, lets say 1 hour or two...
After that I would like to import these data into Google earth, to watch my route.
Any ideas?

SD card.

What about storing it into the flash memory, which has some more space?
Will it be addressed the same way?

I think that on the AVR you can only self-write from code executing in the boot area, so unless you modify the bootloader to allow you to call routines to write back into the main memory, this will be tricky.
Also, I think you can only write a page at a time (256 bytes?)/

Though I'm probably wrong, and this is already implemented, debugged and tested.

E.g., if I want to build a GPS tracker?

Adafruit GPS logger shield kit