says void is a variable please help

int ledPin = 13p;

void setup(void) ( //initialize pins as outputs pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT); )

void loop; ( DigitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH; delay(1000) ; DigitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); delay(1000) )

A variable name can't start with a digit.

sp. "digitalWrite"

void loop()

delay(1000)DigitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH; Closing parentheses, and semicolons required.

And code tags. We love code tags

And… blocks are defined by {…} NOT (…)

Here’s your program, and what it should be, side by side:

int ledPin = 13p;                   const byte ledPin = 13;

void setup(void)                    void setup() 
(                                   {
  //initialize pins as outputs          // initialize pins as outputs
  pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT);             pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
 )                                  }
 void loop;                         void loop() 
 (                                  {
  DigitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH;            digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
  delay(1000) ;                         delay(1000);
  DigitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);            digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);
  delay(1000)                           delay(1000);
  )                                 }