SCADA for Arduino

Guys can you recommend me an easy-to-use SCADA software that can be used on Arduino. The process where SCADA will be applied is a small prototype of a water distribution system. I would use three tanks with an ultrasonic sensor in each tank. Three relays would also control the pumps for each tank and flow sensors for each output of the pump. So the variables to be recorded are the level, flow and status of the pumps/relays. Please guide me with my project. help please. I've heard about Interactive Graphical Scada Systems. But please give me more ideas.

Looks like there are a few hits using Google.

Have you given up on the Matlab idea or did you get it working?

Have you given up on the Matlab idea or did you get it working?

I haven't given up yet but I would like to see an alternative.

I’d done some searching for a simple SCADA framework myself but never found anything I liked.

An Arduino is simultaneously too complex and too simple for a proper SCADA system. It's not really a low-level PLC and it doesn't have any of the upstream PLC type data interfaces built-in (although adding RS485 or Ethernet is not hard.) It's also not 'big' enough to be the actual display for a SCADA system.

I suggest you look into Processing, which seems to be a convenient way of displaying stuff on a computer screen, with interface to an Arduino 'in the field' so to speak. I've never used it myself.

As for setting up mimic screens like CITECT, then you are starting from the wrong place. There's a reason why big industrial plants use staggeringly expensive industrial control systems. An amateur can't compete with Honeywell, Siemens and the other big companies in that space.

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