Scale calibration

Hello Everyone- I am trying to understand how a bathroom scale self calibrates with virtually no weight on it and to calibrate load cells you should have a decent amount of weight on the load cells.

Thank you

The bathroom scale is just calibrating "zero", in other words, taring.

There is already the not insignificant weight of the scale itself on the load cells, so the mechanism should be quite stable when it automatically "zeroes" for that weight.

Thank you for the responses. I have one other question. Can I turn a scale on and off without recalibrating and without zeroing?

Thank you


Post the schematics of the scale.

You probably don't need to recalibrate if you haven't moved the scale.

If you turn it back on, with no weight on the scale, then it will be obvious if it needs zeroing,

We don't know the intricacies of your scale - its probably easier for you to do some tests than to wait for our replies, which may or may not be correct.

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