Scaling a value to 8 bits

Below is a snippet of code from the Reference section under the heading of Functions. I am not having any trouble understanding the use of functions (at least, not today) but I don’t’ understating the line that says if is changing the value to an 8 bit value by dividing it by 4. How does this work? I can come up with a lot of values that dividing them by 4 doesn’t reduce them to 8 bit

Another example
This function will read a sensor five times with analogRead() and calculate the average of five readings. It then scales the data to 8 bits (0-255), and inverts it, returning the inverted result.

int ReadSens_and_Condition(){
int i;
int sval;

for (i = 0; i < 5; i++){
sval = sval + analogRead(0); // sensor on analog pin 0

sval = sval / 5; // average
sval = sval / 4; // scale to 8 bits (0 - 255)
sval = 255 - sval; // invert output
return sval;

256 * 4 = 1024, the max value of the internal 10 bit adc

the result of analogRead is 10 bits, dividing by 4 is the equivalent of shifting right 2 spots dropping the bottom 2 bits and leaving the top 8.

Thanks guys! This is where having experience helps. I don’t have enough experience with the Arduino (or C in general) to immediately think about the output from the analogRead(). Makes complete sense now.

Another thing; what took you guys so long, this message was up for all of about 10 mintues! :smiley:

Another thing; what took you guys so long, this message was up for all of about 10 mintues!

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for the record I responded in < 4min

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