Scaling MIDI NRPN, and controling "fine" and "coarse" with the same potentiometer

I'm creating a controller for a synth which uses NRPN exclusively for many of its parameters. I'd like to be able to control NRPN CC#6 MSB and CC#38 LSB using one potentiometer, meaning that the potentiometer would sweep the whole range of the NRPN parameter. Wondering if anybody has advice an effective way to do this.

What I've come up with so far, it would work similar to this: A hypothetical NRPN value has a range from 0 - 1023. In software, it would be set so that every time the pot is turned past a multiple of 128, the MSB would go up by 1, and the LSB value would reset to 0 at any position after 127. Here's an example:

Turning the pot clockwise:
MSB = 0, LSB = 125
MSB = 0, LSB = 126
MSB = 0, LSB = 127
MSB = 1, LSB = 0 // here the physical knob would be around 8 o'clock
MSB = 2, LSB = 1
MSB = 3, LSB = 2

However, some of the NRPN on the synth go above 1023. In the case where another hypothetical parameter goes from 0 - 2047, I was thinking that the potentiometer would simply send double the value (0, 2, 4, 6, etc.), effectively halving the resolution. For my purposes this is fine, I'd prefer to use CCs if only they were available.

To reiterate my question, in my case is this the most effective method to take? Should I just suck it up and use 2 separate knobs for MSB and LSB? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

Use a rotary encoder… fast turns = larger steps, slower moves for incremental adjustments

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