Scan clients WiFi signal strength

Hi Guys,

i'm relatively new to the Arduino an uc topics but i've done some smaller projects in the past. So im currently thinking about an arts project for my studies. I want to build a led lamp which reacts to the amount of wifi clients in range and there signal strength. Something like changing the color if more people with smartphones are getting closer...

Does anyone know if its possible to detect the signal strength of other WiFi clients next to an arduino device? I've found 1 or 2 linux based hacking tools which are able to do it, but no arduino solution.

Anyone has seen something like that?

Thx in advance!


Some wifi chips support a scan of active nearby wifi channels, but not all. And those that do may not provide signal strength. You're going to have to do some careful spec sheet reading to find what you need, unless someone else chimes in with one that meets your needs. The ESP8266 will identify nearby active wifi access points, but a WiFi client is not necessarily an access point.

Here is an Arduino / ESP8266 exaple method of scanning for Wifi access points:

That may not be enough for you though, because maybe not so many people have Access points configured on their smart phones.

Another approach is to monitor Wifi Probe requests. Here is an explanation:

Might just get a dumb receiver and go by noise on the frequency in general. Reminds me of little cell phone trinkets that light up when active call signal is detected.