Scandinavian 8x8 Font

As the topic says, I'm wondering if some have a Font for 8x8 dots(or 7x7 ), since all other fonts I'd found have been for english letters, and does not contain æ ø å.. So I was just wondering if some that had a font would be kind ennuf to share this?

I haven't made any 8x8 font, as I'm using 5x7 fonts on my 8x8 display too, as it makes easy space for scrolling! You can download my Excel font calculator with 5x7 font table (including Scandinavian letters) here:

Best Regards Thomas Jespersen

I only have the office 2003 excel - the font-calculator needs a newer version.

I’ve uploaded a 98-2003 version of the Font Calculator - though I can’t comfirm if everything will work as expected.