scanNetwork returns no networks on new boards

I have 3 completely new boards straight out of the box from a batch of 8 and tried running a few sketches I wrote for basic ntp sync-ing. I know these sketches are working because they work with other older mkr1010's I have. Three out of the eight new boards aren't able to connect to the wifi network I'm trying to connect to.
I ran the scanNetworks example and the same three boards report no networks:

Any ideas what might be the problem? The network i am trying to connect to is my phone's wifi hotspot, and the phone is sitting on the same table as the boards.



Just to make it explicit, are the other 5 boards from the same batch working?

If yes, I would contact customer service from the company that sold you the boards first.

The General sales conditions have the following email . They might help you too. But they might send you to the distributor where you bought the boards. That’s what they get paid for.

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