scanning midi to output?

Hi All
I need help, no sketchs written as yet but advice needed please.
I want to read standard MIDI into serial, no problem, but then want to pass it on to a matrix but ignoring some notes. i.e. read all notes 0-127 but not send note data for i.e. 36, 42, 54, 112 etc, etc to matrix, i.e. filter them out.
I would like to send a setup to the arduino possibly via a stream of midi notes, leaving out the ones i dont need, need to do this only once (Possibly whist jumper pin in place or button pressed), store it in eeprom, and then use that configuration on start up every time once set, is that possible? Or how do you suggest I do it? p.s. the electronics side of thngs i am ok with it is writing sketchs I am not.


  1. Boot up arduino with jumper in place, tells arduino to wait fo xx number of midi notes on serial in.

  2. Store them in EEPROM.

  3. Reboot arduino, reed these notes from EEPROM and use them as the normal startup routine but use these notes ONLY in sketch to send to 595 matrix with no missing outputs on pins not required.

any help, paid or otherwise acceptable.