Scanning project help


I’m working on a new project and need some advice.

The quick description and the goal to be achieved;

is placing a rope or hose on a known surface, coiled, uncoiled, or slightly coiled (but not over lapping) and have a sensor/s and arduino scan the surface to give a length measurement.

I’ve searched and searched and keep coming up empty. My thought was some sort of sensor to read the difference in surface height, and somehow calculate the length from start to finish along the path of the raised surface. But I can’t figure it out

Any help or a point in the right direction would be great.

Is your task just to design this project, or to actually build it?

If you need to actually build it, I would say don't. Come up with an easier and more reliable method for measuring the rope/hose.

But if you just need to design it, why not? Go crazy!

If using a camera, you would need a high resolution camera, and lots more processing speed and memory than Arduino has. Use a Raspberry Pi.

Thank you for quick responce.

I want to build such a device. The reason I'm thinking/wanting it to operate in this fashion is to toss some hose/rope on the table and have it measure accurate and quickly.

I have made a few arduino projects but never messed with pi..... Yet.

It sounds like I should check around the pi forums possibly on how to achieve my dreams :slight_smile:

Thanks any guidance or help is much appreciated

Well, if you really intend to build it, I stand by my earlier advice. Don't do it the way you are thinking. It will be extremely difficult and will probably never work, at least not reliably. Your dream will turn out to be a nightmare. Think of another way. Maybe estimate the length by weight or something.

Maybe, with hose, you could do it by sending a sound wave down the pipe and measuring the time taken for it to travel the full length. It would be difficult to achieve, but easier than your current approach.

Thank you.

I'm still researching possibilities. Calculating a distance seems to be where i get lost.

It seems like I should be able to do like a laser line scan from a fixed overhead gantry of the surface and do a "3d scan". Then use that data to figure an objects length, then display that length on a screen.

Ive seen 3d scans being imported into various 3d programs that could possibly preform the calculation of a curve. It just hasn't clicked in my head on how to make it all work.

Maybe a similar scan and have an average line curve drawn down the point cloud and then have that line curve measurement.

I don't know. My head hurts.