Scansione dipositivi bluetooth

Ciao a tutti

gentilmente vorrei sapere se è possibile, utilizzando il modulo HC-05, scansionare dispositivi bluetooth.

Riuscire a visualizzare tramite seriale, e magari in futuro con una shield data logger, i nomi dei dispositivi bluetooth presenti nelle vicinanze del modulo.


Ho trovato in giro per la rete questo sketch, che permette di settare il modulo in master tramite comandi AT.

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

This code is in the public domain.
written by Damian Glinojecki

#define bt_power 7
#define bt_key_power 8
#define indication_led 13

SoftwareSerial BT(A0, A1); // RX | TX

void setup()
// set the pins to OUTPUT
pinMode(bt_power, OUTPUT);
pinMode(bt_key_power, OUTPUT);
pinMode(indication_led, OUTPUT);

// set the pins to LOW
digitalWrite(bt_power, LOW);
digitalWrite(bt_key_power, LOW);
digitalWrite(indication_led, LOW);

Setting the pins to low is important because
in order for us to get into AT mode the key pin
has to be set to Ground FIRST. Many tutorials out
there fail to mention this important fact and
therefore many people have problems with getting
into the AT mode of the HC-05

// make sure the key has been LOW for a bit

// set the key pin to High
digitalWrite(bt_key_power, HIGH);

// small delay

// now power on the BT
digitalWrite(bt_power, HIGH);

// start our serial so we can send and recieve
// information from the BT module
// initiate the BT serial at 38400 which is the default
// speed at which the BT AT mode operates at

// self explanatory
Serial.write(“For a list of commands, visit: \n”);
Serial.write(“Type AT commands \n\n”);

// process complete turn on led 13
digitalWrite(indication_led, HIGH);

// Send an “AT” command to the AT (without quotes)
// if response is OK, then we are connected
// and ready to program the BT module

void loop()

// listen for a response from the HC-05 and write it to the serial monitor
if (BT.available())

// listen for user input and send it to the HC-05
if (Serial.available())


Problemino… se digito AT a monitor mi ritorna

For a list of commands, visit: 
Type AT commands  


Perchè questi caratteri strani?