ScanXL virtual dashboard + arduino ?

I would appreciate the opinion of experienced Arduino users on the feasibility of my project...

Rough picture: I plan to measure temperatures and pressures with sensors connected to an Arduino and make the sensors "readable" on our LAN trough an Ethernet shield. So far so good.

I want to visualise the data using ScanXL, a nice software application from Palmer Performance, aimed towards car tuning. This software is designed to make connection to a cars on board computer... I think an Arduino with an Ethernet shield and the proper sketches can mimic an OBC ??

Background information: ScanXL pro is a Windows application, I'm using it on a virtual machine windows XP, my host OS= Ubuntu 10.04 I'm also using a Windows based marine navigation software package on that VM, it listens to the NMEA instruments (gps, depht sounder, compass, gyro, windspeed and AIS transponder) on an UDP port (while wireless connected to the LAN), all instruments are connected trough a convertor on our LAN. I also "shared" the security dongle with an USB to Ethernet convertor on our LAN, any computer that connects to our lan and has that package installed can run it without any cable or dongle actually attached.

So I have a little experience in routing instrument data into a virtual machine, connectionwise. The navigation pack was simple to set up on which ports it should listen for the instruments data, serial or UDP. It was also fairly easy to fool about the security dongle being actually there (it is on the LAN however).

I don't have a clue on how to approach the problem of feeding Arduino data to ScanXL, suggestions and/or ideas are very welcome!!

Download ScanXL here: Screenshot of a virtual dashboard :

The amount of effort you would go to convert you signals to OBD of some flavour hardly seems worth it to gain the rather basic looking gauges that the palmer software shows. Have you considered something like OpenPicus? this could probably read the sensor data, put it into a similar format and host the information as web page available over its built in wifi.

Hi, I’m using the italian openPICUS Flyport WiFi module and I’ve to say that I created stunning web pages using Jquery. I think the webserver is the best way to interact with emdedded, because you can browse it indipendently from the OS you are using (great if you wanna connect with iPhone iPad and you don’t want to create a specific App).