Scarecrow project

Really. I want to design an Arduino based scarecrow.

Here's the backstory. I have a mature cherry tree that will produce thousands of ripe cherries in a few months. My problem is that the birds eat every last one of them as soon as they start turning red.

I can't net it because it 30 ft tall.

I am thinking of making a thumper from an old battery-powered drill motor. (The thumper will be used in a Halloween prank this October. A "Monster box").

So, does anyone think this might work? Should I put some PIR sensors in the tree? (Will they even "see" a bird- experiments necessary). Or should I just activate the thumper at random periods?


Going to the market buying cherries might be an option....
To be serious, have You have seen those paper birds, tied to ground by a string, fly in the skye? One looking lika a bald eagle might be worth trying.
Know that krows have sharp brains!

I think, you should start out with random periods to observe the birds reaction.

I feed the birds. I get goose stopping by, the only sound they do not like is cowbell, all the other sounds they get used to. When I feel its time for the geese to leave and let the other birds eat, I ring the cowbell.

It took me a while to find the right instrument of geese-go-away.

30 ft = 9.14 meters

As far as I know, a fake predatory bird is the best solution.
Or make a walking path for a cat through the tree :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don't know how to detect the birds. There could be wind and rain, that makes it is very hard. Perhaps with radar and pattern detection you could recognize birds.

I bought a "wind dancer" to chase birds away from out berry bushes. Works well!

Then they must really not like more cowbell!


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I tried a couple of plastic owls last year. I swear the birds were laughing at them.

There's no loose cats in the area- too many coyotes and foxes.

Maybe the sound of a cat when the thumper shakes....

I'm not sure if owls eat birds, try a different predator.

Owls eat their prey whole. The digestive system dissolves all it can and the remains, bones, fur, etc. are regurgitated. Birds are usually not eaten, even small ones. Too many mice, voles, etc.

Maybe a PIR sensor on maximum sensitivity could detect a bird, needs to be tested.

Try various loud noises at random intervals. Make sure to include a shotgun sound, lol.
Other ideas - water sprinkler pointed at the tree, smoke machine, some kind of moving contraption. All at random intervals, or birds will get used to them.

Owls can kill eagles. When an owl attacks an eagle at night the eagle is 'blind', giving the advantage to the owl.

The main point is that the birds would only avoid the owl if they consider it to be a threat.

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