Schematic Drawing Software

Hi, I was wondering what you guys suggest/use to draw small schematic. Transistor, resistor, diode, small part! I know geda and Kicad, but they seems a bit overkill for the only purpose of drawing small schematic.


Eagle! it seems to eb the Arduino standard. Almost every schematic and board layout I've seen has been made with it

I don’t recommend Eagle for casual drawing of circuit diagrams. Eagle is not very easy to learn and although worth the trouble if you want to modify the many existing PCB designs using it, it has frustratingly unintuitive user interface.

Have a look at Fritzing:

wow i really like this.

however, I can’t seem to find parts to use it. I installed it on ubuntu

EDIT: Never mind, there was an interim release that solves this problem

Thanks that is what i was looking for