schematic for ultrasonic transducer, binary data transmission ??????

I am trying to send binary data from one arduino mega2560 to an other through ultrasound tansducers. I can only find circuits for range finders . Are they going to work for me ? and if they are, should i connect the driver module to a digital pin and the receiver module to an analog pin ? please help ! Can anyone sudgest a circuit for a transmitter/receiver ?

Rangefinders typically drive the transducer for about eight cycles, or about 200 microseconds. However, the transducers may ring for another ten or twelve cycles, so stretching the transmitted pulse train and lowering the data rate achievable.

Give your keyboard a shake - looks like your question mark key is stuck.

It is possible to send and received using ultrasonic waves. Think Radio... AM way or the FM way...

The ultrasound frequency is used as a carrier wave. Than you have a tone to represent a 1 and another tone represend a 0.

Or a FSK method. A frequency in the ultrasound represent a 1 and another represend a 0.

Or AWOL idea.

well i found this ! 2khz sin is it going to modulate at 40 khz ? is this schematic ok ? ma i missing something here ?

and if yes, you thing that it would work with this receiver circuit ?

Well...well... that look like a fun experiment to do. Thank for the link. At my first look, yes, it is possible, but you need to experiment and test the circuit, the setup and trying to send data in and out. I am interested also. I do have the parts except for the modulator chip. And the need an another two circuit to do : from 1 / 0 to tone and from tone to 1 / 0.

And don't expect to transmited / received a high baud rate like 4800 and above. It more like from 300 to 2400 baud rate using the tone AM system in my opinion. It might just work... slow but work...

well I am only trying to send around 40 chars. So that bit rate is more than ok !

40 chars/sec, tel me are you trying to do a Ultra-Sonic GPS-like system?