Schematic Help

I’ve never worked with SSRs before and would like a second pair of eyes to look at the attached circuit. It’s a MAX8903A charging IC for a single Li+ cell. When there’s no DC or USB connection, SYS gets power directly from BAT, but limited to 2A.

On VIN1 there’s a Buck/Boost (LM3668) to provide a steady 3V3 out to the rest of the circuit which comprises of a 32U4 and a uSD.
On VIN2 are four SSRs (G3VM_21AR/DR) which will feed raw battery power into some LED strings (this is so I can pull a higher current than what SYS would provide.)

I’m going to put an ON/OFF switch on each of VIN1 and VIN2. I want to control when only the 32U4 is on and when everything is on.

What I would like some help with is how those SSRs are wired up with regards to the battery as well as the “signal” from what would be SYS once connected through an ON/OFF switch. Would they trigger with 3.0V (on the low end of the battery)?

Did I wire up a “blue smoke making” device here?

Wow, lots of viewers, but no one able to comment. Hrm, ok ... I guess I'll build this and see what happens. At least I can come back and report then.

Hi kirash4,

What type do SSR are you using? The only ones I'm familiar with control AC, not DC.


The datasheet is linked in my first post.