Schematic to Breadboard help

Hey guys, so I'm pretty new to all this stuff. I'm doing a school project for a Pulse Oximeter with Arduino and I'm already having trouble at the first steps. I tried converting the Schematic to my Breadboard, how many mistakes did I make? I left out the finger cuff for now.


I tried

Well, the first problem I see right off the top is the schematic "conveniently" does not show the power supply to the op-amps. See op-amp data sheet ) for the specs for that op-amp. Often in schematics you find, they don't bother to show power and ground (and it isn't going to work without those). Last time I was snooping around for information on pulse oximeters it seemed to me it required both a visible and IR led system to measure the oxygen levels in the blood (as well as the pulse).

Wow thanks, that helped A LOT! And yeah I'll design the finger cuff seperately! Thank you