Schematics for the "Arduino MKR Connector Carrier"


I am using a Arduino MKR Connector Carrier in my project and i am noticing that when 5v is applied to an analog input via the Connector Carrier it translates to 3.22v in the Arduino with a ADC value of 1009

This is messing up my reading in the MKR1010 that i am using. I am using a 5v sensor so i need to get accurate readings.

I know the carrier has built in voltage dividers into when i tried to measure them R1 was at 472 Ohms and R2 was at 911 Ohms.

Can some one help me figure out the best way to calculate the voltage accurately.

You are using a 3.3 volt board.

The best way to deal with that is if you need the full range but are using a different voltage sensor is to MAP that range.

There are other methods but I find that about the easiest to use.
Certainly don't go throwing 5 volts around the board as you may end up with no board to play with :frowning:

Also take a look at the AREF pin
It can be useful to get more stable readings.

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