Hi there.

I’m having some trouble wiring together some components and would like to know if anyone knows of a free online schematics generator at all so i can check how i’ve wired it all up.

Thank you
is the simplest I know of but I can’t find an English version. Here is Google’s effort (LINK)

Both are multi-plateform

Dear Mr. or Ms.,
CoRoboTech is a studio that likes to share, enable, and have fun with open source hardware,such as Arduino, Lilypad, and Robotics. We design boards, edit the tutorial manual, provide tools and some auxiliary products so that engineers, students, and hobbyists can play with open source hardware. The empowerment with open source hardware is that microcontroller runs a specific program or application, without the need for a computer.
CoRoboTech is a communication venue that all engineers, students, and hobbyists can communicate their thoughts and make them come true, together. Of course, if you have any ideas you can not do it yourself, such as make PCBs, soldering SMD components, etc.
CoRoboTech also is a platform that provide the bits to build stuff - like a robot, or an Arduino I/O board, or a defibrillator, really anything you can dream up! We are electronic enablers.
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Second time I have seen the post above mine today - utter spam.

Please ban the account cqueduzl as they are spamming .

at least it’s relevant spam, unlike the cheap shoes advertisements that we see around here often

Yes, it is annoying but as jezuz says at least is relevant spam…

Some of them are just funny… I had some a few days ago stating that this site is an american sports site! I had to think about that for a bit and decided that it isn’t. If anyone can prove that it is then you shall never see me again :smiley:


Linear Technology has some interesting free tools that can be used for drawings (and simulation).

RE: cqueduzl

I think they were seriously afraid we might miss out on finding an alternative to sparkfun or liquidware.

No, that’s not what I think… I think they deserve being ignored for complete disregard of forum etiquette. With manners like that… I want to actually go to what they offer? Ummm “no”.

What an unfriendly way to do advertising.

Thief! That’s the only word i can use.

Wow. You made me check.

Yes, I agree. They have completely copied SEEEDSTUDIO, including the Bricks product series.

Wow… these guys should be avoided, I think.

Yeah everyone avoid them like the plague…

They don’t look too great…

[sarcasm] But they have Wileness parts, you can’t get them anywhere else, I checked… [/sarcasm]

Hehehe… That’s pretty funny… Wileness instead of wireless… Sounds like a bad stereotype of how chinese people pronounce things.

*Wileness* : Open source hardware--Robotics,Arduino,Lilypad,Xbee,*Wireness*,RFID,Sensors,Cables,Tools and so on., Open source hardware--Robotics,Arduino,Lilypad,Xbee,Wireness,RFID,Sensors,Cables,Tools and so on.

What about wireness… I want some :smiley:

Gee… see how making a bad first impression ends up sticking to you like glue?

They may have English issues, but the prices look cheap… is there anywhere else I can get a bluetooth serial link for $20?

Yes, from the company they are trying to steal from.

or from sure

:slight_smile: They do seem to have set a bad impression but to be honest, that’s what spamming normally does to a company.


well … their spam is now clean from the forum except for this thread that I consider to be relevant since Seeedstudio got a chance to complain about them aloud.

Please keep on reporting spam on the new part of the forum we have created at: