School Bell, LCD, and Weekdays

Heys help me with simple Arduino code for automatic school bell using 16,2 lcd , ds3231 and uno board, I will highly appreciate,, code that will separate weekends alarm n weekdays

Hello guys, I have been trying to find code for school bell working alarm from Monday to Friday ,, Saturday n Sundays seperate code,, please help

Can you post whatever you have done sofar ?


We are here to help you when you have problems with your work.

We suggest that one starts simple to help build yor skills.

I would offer that an UNO and the RTC that you have picked ios a good place to start.

A relay will vbe useful with the bell part.

lots of code on how to get them to work .

give it a try and let us know you progress.

I have thought about this and would like to have it read from a USB stick so that it does not ring on holidays and weekends.
need to change dates yearly.

The TimeAlarms library might help.