School Faculty Address System Using Arduino and Android

Hi, I am very new to this stuff and I am looking for your help.

I'm about to build a simple project which concept is a Public Address (PA) System.
I am required to use my own developed ANDROID application as an input device.
I am also required to use Arduino technology as part of the course.
Using the Android App, the user(school admin) can choose either one or all faculty he want to address;

I have already developed my Android audio recording app.
My problem is I need to stream the audio to Arduino Speakers.
I am required to connect devices wirelessly and I don't know what to choose between NRF24L01, ESP8266, and Bluetooth for communication.

My friend suggested that i should use bluetooth for sending the audio from Android to Arduino reciever and NRF24L01 for passing the audio stream from Arduino reciever to Arduino Speakers.

His concept was:
Android --> Reciever/Streamer --> Reciever/Speakers

I already bought ceiling speakers as audio output for my arduino speaker.

NOW, I'm looking for your advice.
I would like to ask you what kind of wireless communication should i use.
Could you give me some links that would help me build the project please..

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Could anyone please answer my concern?
I still have no idea what wireless communication should i use for the project.