school project help with audio

hey so im doing my year 12 major work. im building a speaker system with a pulsing led effect when the system is turned on, what i need is to make it so when the arduino picks up the audio, the pulsing leds stop and my vu meter can kick in please help

What have you done so far?

ive got coding for the fading leds, i have a circuit for the uv meter but im still deciding if in should just code the uv meter the arduino, but if its possible for the arduino to pick up the sound signal, to then stop the fading and let the vu meter work
if that makes sense aha

i have a circuit for the uv meter

And we've got to guess what it looks like? What has ultraviolet got to do with audio?

Is your shift key broken?

simple mistake was meant to say vu meter.

Still having trouble with your shift key then?

We need to see what you have done, read the rules and post the code correctly.

Also a schematic, not a fritzing thing, of your circuit will let us see what you have done. It is your project and while we can help we are not going to help you cheat.