School Project involving ESP8266, android app and stepper motor

I made an android music player app, but I want to also be able to control a stepper motor with said app using a NodeMCU ESP8266, but I'm not really sure if that is even possible?
I'm completely new to arduino, and I've only just succeded in making some LEDs blink.
Is it also possible to make music play and to start making the motor run if say I have some noise sensors and the noise exceeds x dB?

I apologize if this isn't the right place to ask.

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You can change that! Start plying, investigating Arduinos by doing a lot less advanced projects.'

Is it possible to make a project like the one I'm trying to do though, down the line? Or is it just not possible to get the four things to interact together? (NodeMCU, stepper motor, music player app, sound sensors). Or do I have to rethink the whole thing?

Hard to say. Get started making one service at the time work.

It sounds plausible. The ESP can run a stepper motor via a suitable driver and PSU. It can read sound sensors and it can send data over WiFi. The grey area is what your Android app will accept telling it to play.

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