school project ... need help !

Hello, our school offers an optional field that consists of a project of your choice which will be noted at year end. I formed a group with other students to realize a programmable electronic system that would allow the lights switch classrooms according to a schedule (light bulbs turn on automatically when the room is occupied according to the timetable and off otherwise), or if the room is occupied to avoid wasting the energy we've even included a light sensor so that even if the room is occupied light turns on only when there is a lack of light. So we made a scale model of the project with a model representing the classes and assembly to achieve our goal ... The only glitch is that our knowledge is limited to electronics and none of us has any idea about how to program the system (we bought an Arduino platform to control the system). That is why I ask for your help and hope to have answers and so we get out of our problem. I attached a picture that represents our assembly: thanks for according me a moment of your time and sorry if I made mistakes writing this ,my english is a little poor.

A very ambitious project for beginners, It is best to break the project down into smaller parts, get each part working before moving on to the next.

I would have some sort of display and basic buttons so that the user can program each day and timetable times. A RTC to keep perfect time The daily timetable times will need to be written to eeprom in case the power is turned OFF A manual overide just in case you need the lights ON regardless of time and the light level

Maybe include a PIR movement sensor in case the room is empty