School project on better sleep

So in school my group and I are doing a project on better sleep. We thought about using arduino for various thing, however as we have limited knowledge on arduinos we would like some help on overall feasibility and difficulty of the project.

We would like to design a central hub, in which you can control various things that impact your sleep. Here are some functions we would like to implement

Alarm - Quite basic
Remote light control - can a arduino control the the light of let's say a phillips hue.
Wifi control - We would like to "jam" the wifi before sleep (seeing as actually jamming the 2.4g and 5g bands is illegal, it would probably just be a remote on and off switch on the router)

We would like to hear your thoughts on these things. Can we set it up wirelessly?

Alarm: possible
Remote light: depends on the Hue
Wifi control: possible
Wireless: possible

Can be done with one pin and a funny squarewave pattern

Remote light
It depends on how the Hue is controlled and if you can tap into that.

Wifi control
You could choose to use a relay to switch the router on and off. I'm just not very sure if routers like to be so crudely switched on and off.

There are loads of ways to get this done. Might aswell pick up those 433MHz modules that cost less than a dollar.

Thank you trevortjes, for the quick reply.

Do you have an estimate on the difficulty? As I said we are quite inexperienced in arduino and we have some clear deadlines. We have around 4 days of time dedicated to construction, after that we have a couple of weeks where we could continue, however not as dedicated as the first 4 days.

Does learning the basics, and learning more in depth about the different things we plan to implement sound doable? I personally think it does, however I have no idea how long the light and wifi control could take, to learn and understand.

Any other inputs are also greatly appreciated, thanks!

You could use an IR remote to control the light.

Who is 'we'.

If you study and follow the examples in the IDE you should be able to achieve what you suggest.


Making sound and switching relays are such common things that (with the help of a few examples on the internet) you can get it to work in a day. The wireless part is the only harder part which might need some more research but also those things are no rocket science anymore.

One thing I was thinking about is how the Arduino detects when it is 'sleeping time'. Do you smash a sleep button? Does it happen automatically at certain times? For that last case you will need a 'RTC'. You can get these as modules and basically are chips that are able to track real time. In that way you can easier control the alarm.

"We" are a group of 4 people. I think it definitely sounds doable. Thank you, both of you, for the help.

We will take a look at the RTC module, that will certainly help.