School projects question

I'm not trying to be a jerk , but can someone explain to me why we see all of these school project questions where it appear the instructor hands the student an Arduino and a bunch of part and tells them to make something without any kind of teaching. When I went to school you were taught the theory and then got into building things. Usually building simple project and working up to bigger and better things. Know it seems like with no instruction at all they throw the student in the deep end with some project that is totally out of the scope of a novice. Am I missing something here?

Difficult to know. Sometimes the youngsters seem to come up with extra ideas of their own. Also seem impervious to answering questions. Sometimes see questions that are suspicious until i realise they are young and do not understand what they are asking.

You are assuming facts not in evidence. How do you know that the instructor just handed out an Arduino and expected the student to make something with no instruction - because the student said so? I think it is far more likely that the students who come here with that sob story are precisely the ones who didn't pay attention in class (if they showed up at all) and then they panic a few days before the project is due and they haven't got a clue what to do. They blame the instructor when it was their own laziness/inattention/incompetence that got them into that mess. They're also usually the ones who use phrases like "URGENT HELP NEEDED", "PLEASE RESPOND ASAP" in the subject.


I partially agree with you. Yes, there does seem to be quite a few of those posts but I have to wonder if ALL the teachers are really as bad as the students make them out to be. After all, they are appealing for help and what better way to garner sympathy for yourself than to make the teacher the cause of their predicament. It has always been my own experience that when I respectfully asked a teacher for some guidance help was always freely given. Like in a court of law, reserve judgement until you have heard both sides.

I don't know. But i do think you need to take some threadstarters' story with a grain of salt or two.

You know some students try to skip the troublesome learning part, and try to find ready to use code. Or try to get someone to do the coding for them, i'm sure that whenever you went to school, there were students that got their work done for them or copy it. 90% of students start too late with their projects.

That doesn't mean the problem you see doesn't exist, but i do think it is not as bad as you see it.

Often wondered if that was really the case, do they literally do it without giving any guidance ?

Have seen many students asking for help in this and other Micro forums and generally getting little as most folk think they should learn on their own.

Suppose its hard to know who really needs help and what is just plain plagiarism ...

You could see where a countries college systems has introduced a new micro project as the students are then posting the same question over all the forums.

It used to be very bad on the Microchip forum and similar Pic fourms as unlike Arduino theres relatively not a lot of free code around.

Having taught at a University for 21 years I can say that there are some students who simply do not pay attention until they are given something to do. Then they tell you that you have not told them anything about the subject and it is totally unfair what you are asking them to do. They also complain that the questions on the exam paper were not covered in the lectures. As I both gave the lectures and set the papers I know this is not true. Therefore I am very skeptical about students that claim their lecturers just abandon them.

When I read that the poster requires help ASAP that old adage, “A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part” quickly comes to mind.

I have to agree on many of the comments here, but you see so many of these post's that it seems like the person has never layed eyes on an arduino before and in the next sentence they want to build the space shuttle. I guess you are right about the slack jaws, because how many times do we see that my project is due tomorrow. I should probably just move on when I see one of these posts, because they usually end up in a lot of frustration for everyone involved. I really have to say that some members have the patients of Job in trying to help them