Science Fair Project Robotic Wheelchair

Hi, I am currently building a robotic wheelchair for my 2015 science project and I need advice on how to hook up a scooter motor and a 24 volt, up to 180 watt speed controller to my Arduino Uno board. On top of this I also need assistance on how to connect my Red Bot line sensors from the Spark Fun Red Bot kit to the Arduino Uno. These will aid in leading the robot in a specific direction. The project is meant to help the visually impaired. Please Help. Thank You. Joseph Cilenti

Supply details of the motor, controller and how you want to connect them as well as what you want to happen.

Do you have experience with electronics or programming?


The motor is a 24 volt 100 watt electric chain pulled scooter motor. The controller is 24 volts and up to 180 watt capacity. I have some knowledge of programming but not a lot.

Please supply ALL information on the controller. Do not drip feed the information. You will get more help from us if you give details all at once.

How does it connect to the Arduino? How does the Arduino control it's? What is the model number?

What do you want to happen under what conditions?


Possible info sources.