Scooter motor controllers usable with Arduino?

Hello everybody,

I'm designing a driving couch with a few friends of mine, and we are currently stuck on the motors. I was thinking that electric scooter motors look like a good choice because they are on the cheaper side and have a good amount of power output. The problem that I've been running into is how to control them.

Scooter motor controllers exist, but has anyone gotten an Arduino to interface with them?

I'd like to be able to control the motors (with variable speed using PWM or something similar) with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi so that I can eventually expand with other sensors or software. Has anyone had any success with using these controllers? The ones I'm looking at currently are 36 Volt Controller with Reverse (Model: YK48-3) with these motors 500W Motor - 36 Volts with Mounting Bracket (Style: MY1020-B) . I'm planning to have one on each side so that it can tank turn. The controller posted above does have reverse, so tanking would be possible if the Arduino can communicate with the controller.

I'm also open to other ideas. My budget is around $300 for both motors and the controllers for them. If you have any other suggestions, please don't hesitate to let me know!



Unfortunately the datasheet for the controller doesn’t give enough information about the throttle
control. Often a 5k or 10k pot is expected, sometimes that can be replaced by a control voltage
straight to the “wiper” signal, but you need to know the power voltages to the ends of the pot really,
they might be 5V, they might be larger.

Sometimes the throttle circuit has open- and short-circuit detection, so that its harder to “fake” it.

Yeah, that's exactly what I was worried about. Ah well, looks like it wouldn't be as easy as I'd hoped.

After talking with my friends, I've decided to go with brushless motors.

Thanks a bunch for the response!