Couldn't find a specific place to post this.

in the reference for Variable Scope, it is stated...

Variables in the C programming language, which Arduino uses, have a property called scope. This is in contrast to languages such as BASIC where every variable is a global variable.

This is not strictly true for all BASICs and my be misleading/confusing to some readers. Perhaps the text should be altered in light of this?

e.g. Visual Basic, XBasic, Dark Basic & Free Basic to name just a few all have forms of scoping (although they may or may not be directly analogous with C scoping).

Any thoughts?

Thanks for posting, but documentation fails on more places. There is someone working on it who reads this section but I guess his backlog is several light-years long :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

The documentation is generally elegant and clean although not always consistent; but a great job! :smiley: (no clapping smilies)