Scoreboard doesn´t work - Marcador de goles LED 8X8 (Max7219)

Hola a todos tengo un problema con mi codigo, estoy tratando de hacer un marcador de juego pero no puedo hacer que funcione, tengo problema en los for´s y en el printStringWithShift(); el cual no se si este escrito correctamente.

Hice un array con 9 numeros enteros para hacer el codigo mas facil y uso el array en el for para mostrar en la matirz de leds la posicion del array pero no me sale me pone error en el .lenght de mi for .

Hello everybody I have a problem with my code, I’m trying to make a scoreboard but I can make it work, I have a problem in my for’s and in printStringWithShift (); which I do not know if it is written correctly.

I create 2 arrays for 9 goals for make the code more simply but if you have another opcion I would appreciate so much.

#include "MaxMatrix.h"
#include <avr/pgmspace.h>

PROGMEM prog_uchar CH[] = {
erase all characters because exceeds 9000 characters to post this. but here are a to z and 1 to 9 and special characters.

int data = 12;    // DIN pin of MAX7219 module
int load = 10;   // CS pin of MAX7219 module
int cloc= 11;  // CLK pin of MAX7219 module

int maxInUse = 1;    //change this variable to set how many MAX7219's you'll use

[color=#ff0000]//Code that I modified- Desde aqui empiezo a modificar //[/color]
int equipo;

int cont = 0;

MaxMatrix m(data, load, cloc, maxInUse); // define module

byte buffer[10];

char string1[] = "  0 - 0";

int string2[] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};

int string3[] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};

int contador1 = 0;
int contador2 = 0;

void setup(){
 m.init(); // module initialize
 m.setIntensity(0); // dot matix intensity 0-15
 Serial.begin(9600); // serial communication initialize

void loop(){
int i;
printStringWithShift(string1, 390);
 for(int i=0;i>0;i++){
   Serial.println("Que equipo anoto Gol?");  //"What team make a goal?"
   int equipo = Serial.parseInt();

   if(equipo = 1){
     for( int x=0; x<= string2.length(); x++){  [color=#ff0000]//One error in .length//[/color]
         Serial.println("Chivas anoto 1 gol, llevan " string2[x] " goles anotados.")0; //"Team chivas make 1 goal they have" string[x] " goals".
         int x++;
        contador1 = contador1 + 1;

     for(int x=0; x<= equipo2.length(); x++){
     Serial.println(" Cruz Azul anoto 1 gol, llevan " equipo2[n] " goles anotados");  //"Team Cruz Azul make 1 goal they have" string[x] " goals".
     int x++;

     contador2 = contador2 +1;

printStringWithShift(contador1, "-", contador2, 390); [color=#ff0000]//Here I dont know how to put like 1 - 1 in the led 8x8 like int a + char "-" + int b //[/color]

int i++;

[color=#ff0000]/end of code modify/[/color]

void printCharWithShift(char c, int shift_speed){
 if (c < 32) return;
 c -= 32;
 memcpy_P(buffer, CH + 7*c, 7);
 m.writeSprite(32, 0, buffer);
 m.setColumn(32 + buffer[0], 0);
 for (int i=0; i<buffer[0]+1; i++) 
   m.shiftLeft(false, false);

void printStringWithShift(char* s, int shift_speed){
 while (*s != 0){
   printCharWithShift(*s, shift_speed);

void printString(char* s)
 int col = 0;
 while (*s != 0)
   if (*s < 32) continue;
   char c = *s - 32;
   memcpy_P(buffer, CH + 7*c, 7);
   m.writeSprite(col, 0, buffer);
   m.setColumn(col + buffer[0], 0);
   col += buffer[0] + 1;

for(int i=0;i>0;i++){How many times do you think that loop is going to iterate?

Other than that, the error message told you what is wrong - this isn't Java, and a simple int array has no "length" method