scoreboard from pc

Hi there, We made a scorebord with arduino that is run from a pc. All works fine but sometimes the pc looses connection with the arduino, so we have to unplug usb and reconnect. This is the setup |581x184 I was wondering if there is a better sollution (there will be ofcourse) Removing the arduino out of the scorebord and let SPI do the distance (can not be done du to to long distance ) so can i use some "stand alone wireless spi transceiver" We have a cat6 for the connection (35 meter) so it does noet have to be wireless ! Anny help would be nice, Hans

What is the "RJ45" voltage levels/protocol?


i think 5v, it is a usb extender (over cat5 or cat6 in my case) It is passive so it uses the 5v from usb

Little convoluted: PC/USB to UART via FTDI to RS485 Then RS485 to UART on far end to the processor there. could this work? (2 times end cross rx tx) i can get it faster here

or better go for 485 (this is 232) could this work? Problem is that the scorebord is high on the wall there so i can not reach the arduino (only usb is comming out

1st one only gets you "TTL" level (0-5V) UART signal. Still need RS485 for distance. Really want RS485 to "TTL" on the receive end to connect to D0/D1 for serial. And find a ladder 8)

2nd one doesn't open for me.

ladder is no problem, the board has to open at back side, so it has to come down from there. It will have to anyway i think. So in this case i need to go from pc's usb to rs485, then 35meter of cat6, en then get something to get the data in to the uno. Another option is to take out the arduino en put it in a box next to the pc, but then the SPI has to travel 35 meter (not possible without conversion) Warning pin 10,11, and 13 are used for spi to the 595's @Robert, i will sent you the link's on mail

On the remote end: MAX488 to turn RD485 back into serial, connect to D0/D1 for incoming data. Bypasses the 16U2. See Figure 2 in the datasheet, you need the R side if receiving only. The 2nd sparkfun link is the same in a breakout board.