Scoring Machine coming together!

My latest fencing scoring machine is coming along nicely!
Pictured left to right and bottom to top are an arduino,
a 7406 open collector driver, 7 segment display showing E for epee, 2 74F374s wired as shift registers (really need to buckle down & order some!), one driving 6 LEDs to indicate who scored a touch (or scored off-target, or on the grounded metal floor if used), the second driving the 7-segment displa, then a IRF3707Z MOSFET amplifying a Tone the arduino plays, and finally a 2.5" speaker that seems pretty hearty.
Took me a while to get the lights working. Finally realized I had bits inverted to the LEDs (am faking the real lights, which are active high), so flipped all the 1s & 0s to the shift registers over. But forgot to swap the BITmanipulating AND and OR controls, so it still wasn't working! Finally got it all lined up right. Now it makes a nice warble between C5/A6 and turns on the lights correctly.
Next step, installation!


some hearty drain resistors to drive a hearty speaker, i see. googled back to your schematic sure glad you noticed the cap polarity.

installation: gonna etch a PCB or what?

Thanks for noticing! Or what to start - since its only a few chips, I’m gonna wirewrap one up today/tomorrow, install it in a box with all the mating connectors, and try it out at the club for a couple of classes. Then build up 5 or 6 of them, probably do a PCB for them.
This will replace just having a promini here, where it just recieves the touch info from someplace else. So I will have this one connected to the weapons, create the touch info, and have lights on both ends of the strip.