Scotchy diode dead

Hi guys... My arduino nano was kind of dead so I searched and I know that the scotchy diode was dead and some one told me that I can just unplug the diode and solder this area without a new diode.. So what is the danger could happen if I did this...

Another question

Can I use any of the parts on this as a new diode or not... And what is that price or in this board

What is the processor of this pord

Are you sure that's an ARDUINO ?

Also think you mean Shockley diode

HI @moaaz11
Second schematic on the official website of the arduino,

this diode is the

This diode connects the USB input to the arduino's 5V power supply.
I do not recommend using this diode permanently for another type of diode.
To make sure the diode is actually preventing your arduino from working, you can temporarily use a diode eg 1N4001.
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That board I shared is not arduino but I have an arduino... My question is is there any diode in this board I shared

Then you say that I have to buy the same diode and I can't just bridge it right?

You don't recommend bridging it right

Yes, this is the right thing to do.

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And the right diode to use is the eg 1N4001 right

This is a diode, (1N4001), to be used temporarily to test the arduino.
The correct diode is SS1P3L.

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No I will buy the right diode... What is the dangers could happen if I just bridged it

Consedring that I will not use the vin and the USB at the same time

Because right now I can't buy this diode

Just about any Schottky diode with a current rating of about 1Amp will do.
Schottky, because you want a low voltage drop (loss) between USB supply and Arduino VCC.


There is no danger if you just bridge it, just don't apply an external 5V to the 5V pin of the UNO while the USB is plugged it.
The diode also protects the PC from having an external 5V or higher applied to its USB 5V.

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Yes, the diode protects the USB port from power flowing back into your laptop, and possibly destroying the laptop/PC.

OP did already something wrong before letting the smoke out of the diode, so I think it's silly to not replace it.

Given the fact that the previous diode apparently burned, I'd say there is a risk in leaving it out. I wouldn't recommend it; it's asking for trouble, really.

There does not appear to be a diode (anymore) on this board. You could use one of the transistors as a diode, but really, I'd try to muster the patience and wait for a suitable Schottky diode to arrive in the mail. They're quite cheap. I generally use an MBR0520 for this purpose, but any SMD Schottky diode with a max current rating of 500mA ~ 1A will do.


I think I can use some of this diodes in these board right....

My last question is... What is the processor of this board