Screen from a cheap cell phone

Target in my area is selling a Samsung M270 flip phone for $5 USD. I was intrigued by the price and possibilities for parts. It has a color internal LCD of about 1.7 inches I believe, and an external LCD that's 1 inch. It should also have a battery and charger.

I see a lot of nokia LCDs for sale to use with Arduino and was just wondering if it would be worth the trouble to try one of these.

The screen is 160x128 and has a 480MHz QSC6155 cpu in the phone.

Since you ask the question, it probably isn't. I think a bigger problem than the software would be getting a sensible mechanical link to the Arduino. These phones are surely old stock going cheap, and there is good chance that somebody else will solve the latter problem for you on a sensible commercial scale, rather like the Nokia 5110.

It's certainly tempting though, but that's the trouble with the Arduino world - lots of tempting stuff like this.

I have several Nokia 5110 LCDs and a even a couple of the phones. I'm not rushing to do this but it has occurred to me to, rather than put the LCD into an Arduino, put the Arduino into the phone, thereby perhaps standing a better chance with the mechanical problems.

Any part numbers on the displays and their FPC cabling? Pictures?