Screen That Showed Where The Spindle Was When Running A File (SOLVED)

I'm not sure how to even ask this question. I had a file that made a circle and a screen would show the travel of the spindle. It is gone now and I probably did something to hide it or delete it. Any idea where that setting is or what I need to do?


Are you even on the correct forum?

What program are you running that had the display ?

Those are set in your preferences inside UGS.
It is not really an Arduino problem but some of us are familiar with UGS.

You need to enable the "visualizer" tab. or call it up from visualizer in the top toolbar.

Getting all the tabs where you prefer them to be and sized as you want, can be a little tricky but worth the effort.


2020-10-06 at 10-01-05.jpg

2020-10-06 at 10-01-05.jpg

Use UGS on one of my cnc's so it was an easy one.
I don't always get it right LOL.