Hi, me and my friend are working on a project. Were getting a Arduino Uno, and soldering a 9V battery snap to power it, I’m wondering how I get Images ect. to display on a Nintendo DS lite Screen. Preferably using the touch screen. I have only found tutorials on using the LED screens, and have found nothing with the touchscreen syncronised with the Ds screen. Any help?

You are going to have a tough time displaying anything. The DS screen has a resolution of 256X192 pixels. That's 49,000 pixels. Tough to process in 1-2k of RAM.

I have chosen the DS lite screen specificly because its small. And if you can link me to a tutorial that doesnt involve buying an adapter, then I could use some AA holders I have.

I have chosen the DS lite screen specificly because its small.

You got no chance.

Go with a KS0108 128x64 with a DS touch screen overlay or something.

Or a nokia display - no touch screen for that though.

There have been a few 2.8 and 3.2" cheap LCDs with touch screens floating around. Perhaps look into that.


And if I use that, what do I do to get it running. And the AA Battery thing?

Yeah, you guessed right. It needs to run on battery power because It will most likely never be by a Mains socket. Any with the screen problem will this KS0108 128x64 be sufficent or can you suggest a differant one?

Ok. Due to the size of the C cells, we might go for them. How long would that give and how would I install it to the board.

Ok Thanks. And how I attach this KS0108 128x64 Screen to the Uno?

Sorry I didn't mean to. I was just trying to do other stuff so I zoomed through it. Thanks for all the help.