Screw Proplem.

@ fiko-man

Time to give it up... Those holes been there a long time and aint changing any time soon.\

intel resolved the problem by sliding back the sockets.

I'm pretty sure that Intel move the mounting holes, rather than the sockets. Since the board is much bigger than standard Arduino sized, maintaining full dimension compatibility was not an issue. (but moving the sockets would mean that shields wouldn't fit, which would defeat the purpose of having the sockets at all.)

Socket head cap screws work just fine, with lots of clearance.


Haha, if it was made by apple it wouldn't have a USB connector, so you wouldn't be able to program it anyway.

I haven't got my hands on any yet but, some plastic (nylon?) circuit board supports look like they might work. They're too big for the 2 .5mm holes in the board so mounting on the periphery is the best option.