Scroll bar width

Not sure if there is a topic for minor UI tweaks, but the scroll bar width is about half what is should be (on a Mac, at least). Comparing to Visual Code, for example (on which this IDE seems to be based, or the same Electron editor), it is much harder to grab and scroll the window. I am frequently missing the target, and it is not my eyes.

I see the same on Windows (I didn't check Linux).

I prefer the standard width. It's funny I haven't seen that before because it's the sort of thing I notice. I guess I've been mostly using Arduino IDE 2.x with sketches short enough to not generate a scroll bar while doing my beta testing work.

I am able to adjust the size with Ctrl++ and Ctrl+-, but that also scales the rest of the UI and I like the sizing of everything else as-is.

You are welcome to submit a formal request for this to be adjusted via the Arduino IDE 2.x's issue tracker:

This will bring it to the attention of the IDE developers and allow the request to be tracked.

tomotvos's issue report:


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